Text Box: a report at the next meeting.
Old Business: 
Non-profit status — Lynn Lane received a copy of the old Articles from the Corp. Comm. and has a meeting next week with Fred Welch to prepare new Articles.
April Runs:  Chris Crismon reported that the trip to the Top of Bison went well. 7 jeeps made the run and Dean got the Man Bell for the most number of plugs in a sidewall.
Mike Reeves reported that the Bouse clean-up went off without a hitch. Had about 15 people out there, took about 1 hour to pick up all the trash in our 1 mile area. Everyone went to Crossroads for breakfast and the Club paid!!  After breakfast, Mike, Dean and Scott went on a run and that is where Dean ended up with the other Cowbell.
New Business:
Chris Crismon suggested updating the Club logo. He will bring proofs of same to the next meeting and if anyone else wants to submit an idea, they are certainly welcome to bring their drawings to the next meeting as well. 
Upcoming runs:  Sat., May 9—8:00 am—Meet at the Circle K in town. Will be doing work on the new run off Shea Rd at P Mtn. Don’t even have to bring a Jeep — just loping shears.  Wear boots and bring water.
SCRAP is having runs in Big Bear on June 5 & 6. Call Harley for details.
Dean Payte will lead a hard night run on June 13. Meet at the entrance to President’s Choice at 7:00 pm.  
Text Box: The meeting was called to order by President Hayes at 6:58 pm. 
Guests were Tina & Jim P. and Chet Erickson
John Flood made a motion to accept the April meeting minutes. Motion seconded by Chris Olague and passed. 
Frank Varnum read the Treasurer’s Report. Jack Sweeney made a motion to approve the Report and pay the existing bills; seconded by Lynnda Sweeney and passed.  The Club has issued two checks for $1,000 each to the two scholarship winners (see below).
Membership:  Donna Franklin was not at the meeting.
Safety:  Bob Steinberger advised everyone that sandals are not the appropriate footwear for trails — especially when the snakes are out!  He spoke again about the benefits of the Spot Tracker and passed one around so everybody could look at it.  He also reminded everyone that if they are using a steel cable on their winch to always-for safety’s sake-cover the cable with a blanket, jacket, whatever. 
Publicity and Web Coordinator:  Brandon Long was not present.
Newsletter: Lynn Lane said all is good .
Run Coordinator: Harley was broken down somewhere and could not be at the meeting.
Historian: Dean Payte says he still has not received any photos from anyone.  
Merchandise: Chris Crismon brought lots of merchandise to the meeting and, true to his word, had a “blow out” sale on lots of merchandise.  If you weren’t there Text Box: you missed out on great deals! 
Special Dates: Lynnda Sweeney reported: 8 birthdays and 1 anniversary for May.
Scholarships: Chris Olague reported that the two winners of the coveted P4W $1,000 scholarships are Angelica Acuna and Haley McKibbin.  Angelica will be attending ASU-Tempe and Haley will be attending AWC-Yuma. The scholarship money and P4W t-shirts will be presented to the recipients on May 14 at LaPaz County Park. Jack Sweeney will make the presentation.  Chris thanked all her committee members for helping with the selection. 
Donations:  Rich Lane brought a request from Dorothy Homan to sponsor her in a 3 day walk for the Susan Komen Foundation this November. She is requesting a donation of $100. This money goes back to the community in various ways. Motion made by Elyse Longo and seconded by Mike Reeves to donate $100 to the Susan Komen Foundation. Motion passed.  Another student had requested funds to attend a youth conference in Washington, D.C.  Since the policy of the Club is to support an organization, not an individual, this request was denied.
New Members Scott and Carolyn Vigne were voted in despite the fact that Scott drives a Toyota.
Cowbell Updates: By some strange quirk of fate, Dean Payte ended up with both the Man Bell and the Cowbell for breaking on two different runs! That’s a first!
ASA Liaison—Harley was not at the meeting and neither was Rod Jones who sat in for him at the last ASA meeting. Hope to have Text Box: May 2009


Text Box: Meeting Minutes—May 5, 2009